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March 20, 2009 at 10:07 pm (Media and Society) (, )

So as my last and final blog of the year, I will be writing about a very interesting and enthralling topic that is totally “in” right now, and that’s women in media, but more specifically, mature women in media. By mature I do not mean are responsible young ladies, but are old in the eyes of our society. In a world where perfection and youth are dominating our ideas of beauty, this topic is prevalent and current. 

So in what way do media portray women? Well, in the case of young girls, they are surrounded by images of female beauty that are unrealistic and unattainable.  Having role models that are the exact representation of what we consider perfection can make growing up tough because these same role models are non existent and unreal. This can and will have serious and wild impacts on young girls’ self-esteem and confidence. Which is totally screwed up. Those years are when we are the most vulnerable and easily influenced. I remember being 14 and knowing deep in my heart of hearts that I was not pretty, not the way I was suppose to be. I had zits, I was pick, I was as flat as a board, I had fuzzy matted hair, and I was awkward as hell. But really, so were most girls. But as I walked by the magazine stands, it always reminded me that I did not quite look right. To say that I had low self esteem was an understatement! I had NO self esteem, not when it came to my looks, and most of my other friends felt the same way as I did. And that as well is screwed up. We see it as normal and a part of growing up, but does it have to be??? Do girls have to spend hours staring at themselves in their mirror wishing they were Miley Cyrus to have had a proper teenage hood? I don’t think so. I was lucky. I played soccer and my confidence grew from there. However, not all girls have the support to help them grow up and become confident young ladies.


Once we’ve gone past the awkward age, we get to live it up for a few years, until of course, we are considered old. It is lovely being a woman. So once we’ve gone past the cute and young age, which I think ends at about twenty five, we have the pleasure of being barraged and attacked by the media reminding us that we better get ready, because we are about to get ugly. Wrinkles? Absolutely. Grey hair? Oh yes! Saggy breasts? Yes please. And we also have the pleasure to be portrayed as either a) desperate and in love or b) bitter ex-wife in television and in movies. Beauty ads reminding us of all the expensive and invasive procedures and products that stop the aging process (probably the most natural and beautiful process) bombard us everyday in magazines, television, and billboards. I remember my Lebanese grandmother being the most beautiful woman I knew. Her dark leathery skin seemed permanently warm from the hot Middle Eastern sun. Her long dark tied up in a elegant bun, and her beautiful wrinkles that were evidence of her sweet and soft personality made her exceptional. I think that aging is incredible and I hope that we one day understand that.




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